Picture of Oscar Earl Tippett, Sr. The Family of

Oscar Earl Tippett


Ethel Lela Workman

Picture of Ethel Lela Workman Tippett
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  1. George Edward Workman
  2. Oscar Earl Tippett, Jr.
  3. Marjorie Anna Marie Tippett
  4. Damon Louise Tippett
  5. Clemons Frances Tippett
  6. Donald Ralph Tippett
  7. Esther May Tippett
  8. Marion Workman Tippett
  9. Lois Jean Tippett
    a/k/a Lois Jean Hines
  10. Lela Belle Tippett
    a/k/a Beverly Ann Oertle
  11. Florence Eileen Tippett
    a/k/a Eileen Helen Maybee
  12. Charlotte Maurine Tippett
    a/k/a/ Jo Anne Marie Boseke
  13. John Lloyd Tippett
    a/k/a John Ronald Hayes
  14. Robert Henry Tippett
  15. Betty Ellen Tippett
  16. Katherine Caroline Tippett
  17. Paul Stanley Tippett

Oscar and Ethel’s children, although not raised together, are very much alike. Each of the children that were taken away was reunited with the exception of Beverly (Lela Bell) and Jack (John). The children were reunited with Beverly around 1969 and with Jack around 1972.

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